Jenna Witzleben



How can a wearable device measure creativity?


SVA MFA Products of Design

Fall 2015

Physical Computing, Interaction Design, Open-source Instruction

Transmission is a two-piece wearable device and digital display system that tracks your creativity based on how much you draw. It happens far too often that the creative process for designers, makers, engineers, and hobbyists is stunted by overthinking and mental road blocks. This design addresses the importance of sketching to further your ideas. I was inspired by Craighton Berman's Creativity Measurement pencil sharpener jar in it's relating creativity to amount of sketching, writing, etc. and wanted to experiment with a digital variation of this concept. 

The wearable band uses a 3-axis accelerometer connected to a Flora board to measure your wrist motion and detect drawing. This information is sent via XBee radio to a corresponding receiver in the LED display, allowing the band to be used wirelessly. The Arduino UNO inside the display housing reads this data and uses it to control the Neopixel LEDs.