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This blog contains experiments, project and reading reflections, unanswered questions, and more relating to my year-long thesis as part of my Master's design program. From Sept. 2016 to May 2017, I explored rewilding human beings and the environments we inhabit at multiple scales including investigation around individual fears of nature, regional food production systems, and global overpopulation. The final works of this thesis can be found in my portfolio.

Beginnings of Panacea

As an update for the service design course, I have begun work on a service called Panacea. This concept emerged from the problem that our lack of physical and visceral connection to the earthly elements prevents life from thriving on earth. This concept particularly focuses on how our fear of dirt and bacteria weakens the health of our guts and the health of the soil and plants.

Panacea is a monthly pop-up food cart for remediation of both human health and environmental health. Here's how it works:

- On the 22nd day of each month we pick a spot to park our cart

- We ping our loyal followers as well as businesses in proximity of the spot

- Upon arriving at the cart, customers have the option to choose one of the four menu items

- But actually each of the four items has two parts: one part that feeds the customer and another that is to be fed to the environment. 

- And each item is focused on restoring microbial health and biodiversity inside the human gut and in the environment

- For example, if the customer orders the diatomaceous earth cocktail, they also receive a compost tea for the earth - as both liquids are a source of good microbes. 

A key next step in developing the pitch deck for this service is to flush out the problem and set up the contrast between our current state and the desired state. I will also need to work on the menu and determining how to visually communicate the menu items and their benefits. I will also prototype the menu that communicates how the customers should implement the earth's portion of the meal.

Jenna Witzleben