Jenna Witzleben

MFA Thesis Blog

This blog contains experiments, project and reading reflections, unanswered questions, and more relating to my year-long thesis as part of my Master's design program. From Sept. 2016 to May 2017, I explored rewilding human beings and the environments we inhabit at multiple scales including investigation around individual fears of nature, regional food production systems, and global overpopulation. The final works of this thesis can be found in my portfolio.

Landscape Mapping

The final semester of graduate school had commenced. Yesterday in our first class, Thesis II with Abby Covert, we began to map the paths, obstacles, and goals for this final thesis semester. My initial map centered around a series of mountains (likely influenced by my recent readings around depth and terrain perception). I am currently faced by a high peak of determining the future I see for the world and identifying the optimal intervention point in my thesis. Following this peak, yet not as visible yet, are the "hidden hills". I am particularly nervous about making my work - graphic, product, brand, etc. - beautiful. Thinking, mapping, researching, and ideating comes much more easily to me than aesthetics and form. But as you can see on my tree of goals, I would like to have some validation by the end of this semester that I can in fact design beautiful objects, graphics, and interfaces. The other, somewhat lesser, goals on this tree include jobs prospects and a more nuanced point of view. 

The primary critique I received upon sharing this map with classmates was the lack of routes, paths, or options to take to navigate through these challenges. So I've edited my map to begin to sort this through.

Jenna Witzleben