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MFA Thesis Blog

This blog contains experiments, project and reading reflections, unanswered questions, and more relating to my year-long thesis as part of my Master's design program. From Sept. 2016 to May 2017, I explored rewilding human beings and the environments we inhabit at multiple scales including investigation around individual fears of nature, regional food production systems, and global overpopulation. The final works of this thesis can be found in my portfolio.

Dirt! The Movie

The other day I watched Dirt! The Movie. It was a great introductory glimpse at our disconnection from dirt from an agricultural and architectural point of view.

There were many great interviewees and perspectives on dirt. However one in particular stuck in my mind. Vandana Shiva recounted the role dirt played in her childhood. Not only did they play in the dirt when she was young, but they lived in it. She described the process of re-coating the floors with a fresh layer of mud as well as the natural temperature regulation properties that dirt can have. While I historically have kept my distance from the study of architecture, I find myself inclined to investigate natural building methods further. Could they ever find a place in urban settings?

Jenna Witzleben