Jenna Witzleben

MFA Thesis Blog

This blog contains experiments, project and reading reflections, unanswered questions, and more relating to my year-long thesis as part of my Master's design program. From Sept. 2016 to May 2017, I explored rewilding human beings and the environments we inhabit at multiple scales including investigation around individual fears of nature, regional food production systems, and global overpopulation. The final works of this thesis can be found in my portfolio.

Area of Inquiry

In the MFA Products of Design program, we are encouraged to approach the thesis year with an area of inquiry, as opposed to a refined thesis statement or question. We have begun by using a mad lib form to explore some options. My top 3 mad libs on cyborgism, dirt, and money can be found below:

Mad Lib 1

Mad Lib 2

Mad Lib 3

Inspired by themes found in my mad libs, I will be starting my thesis by investigating a potential future where humans have heightened sensory relationships to our environment and have broken down the physical, mental, and social barriers between ourselves and nature (with all of its "dirtiness"). I am interested in what technology looks like in this potential future and how technology can help us to shift our current society in this direction. This thesis will likely be about dirt, ruggedness, barriers and protection, and technological subversion.

Jenna Witzleben