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Scheduling for Independent Learners

This is going to be a super short post, and maybe a bit tangential. But I just wanted to highlight the importance of scheduling to remain sane as an independent learner. A couple weeks ago I was starting to worry that this pursuit wasn’t going to work - that I would have to pay to go back to school in order to make my way into urban design, landscape design, and ecology. But really it was just that I didn’t have a rhythm to my learning process, and that was making me feel like I wasn’t progressing quickly enough.


So I decided to make calendar appointments and block out time so I could make forward steps in all of the different areas of my independent learning (the online courses, books, articles, blogging, etc.) on a weekly basis at recurring times. To really drive this home, I actually created made-up course numbers for each of these learning activities, as if I were committed to be in a seminar or lecture each evening. This also just makes it fun for me, since I am a total school nerd.


I hope this method can be helpful / inspiring to any of you who are also engaging in an independent learning process. Don’t give up! It just takes time, patience, and a bit of organization and scheduling.

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