Jenna Witzleben




Jenna Witzleben is a multi-disciplinary designer and strategist in New York City, with a focus on sustainable, ecological, and biophilic design. She firmly believes that a critical part of addressing climate change and the socioenvironmental challenges that face our planet is to reconnect humans with nature and wild spaces.

She is practiced in immersive and empathetic research methods, as well as branding and organizational strategy, helping her clients and collaborators articulate, enact, and communicate their vision for the future while finding balance within the planetary boundaries. Embracing the power of designing in systems, her design work spans across scales and media, including visual communications, environmental branding, product and industrial design, and spatial design.

After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University and her MFA in Products of Design at the School of Visual Arts, she joined the Foresight and Design Strategy team at Arup, where she currently works as a Design strategist. She is also studying to expand her skillset in urban design, ecology, architecture, and landscape design. An advocate for parks and public space, environmental health, and climate action, Jenna is also regularly involved in community activist groups and events throughout NYC.

A PDF of Jenna’s resume is available here.